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Boneyard V1 paperback

Boneyard V1 paperback

Michael Paris has inherited a plot in the remote town of Raven Hollow. As he arrives, he gets to find out what a doozie that is. He's basically inherited a cemetery that the villagers want razed! Why? It's haunted with apparently frightening creatures putting a curse on the whole town! But when Paris actually gets to meet some of the denizens of his inherited headache, it turns out they ain't all that bad (the vamp, in fact, is quite cute) and maybe the evil is not where it may seem... Collects the first 4-issue story arc of this best-selling increasingly popular series.

8x12, 96pp., B&W, trade pb.: $9.95, ISBN 1-56163-316-X

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Our Price: $12.95

Boneyard V1 paperback

ISBN: 156163316X

UPC/EAN: 9781561633166

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