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Tall Tails Issue 5 - Color Comic Cover

Tall Tails Issue 5 - Color Comic Cover

Note: This is the NEW printing of Tall Tails #5. It is standard comic book size and has a color cover.

Issue Five - Pain and Compromises Part Two

As they make their way towards the trading city of Garrison Hadge, the Ravenwood cousins and their group are ambushed by Techen raiders, a band of nomadic warriors hell bent on destroying them. Barely escaping, they finally reach the city and present the young prince to his cousin, the Earl Hadge - unaware that they are now in more danger than they ever were before. Meanwhile, the Rats have already made their way to the city and are making plans of their own, following the Troll survivors that escaped the caravan massacre.

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Tall Tails Issue 5 - Color Comic Cover

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