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Tall Tails Issue 2 Nude Cover

Tall Tails Issue 2 Nude Cover

Special Mucha tribute cover, very limited quantities available.

Issue Two - Fire Quest

The chase is on! Ravenwood and the crew race through Lifdell with their young witness, trying to escape the Royal Guard who seem unusually interested in him. Meanwhile, a Troll caravan winds its way through the forest and into a surprise of their own - an ambush orchestrated by the sorcerer Molock and the Rats of Kalizar. Ravenwood and others aren't the only ones in search of the Great Seal but unfortunately the Trolls and the Rats have a better idea as to where the powerful artifact may be.

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Limited Quanities AvailableIn Stock

Our Price: $6.00

Tall Tails Issue 2 Nude Cover

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