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Tales of Perrsia Book 1

Tales of Perrsia Book 1

Brock Hoagland invites you to join Perissa, newest member of the Assassins Guild and her customers, as she entertains herself on some of the most exotic and hazardous commission. In this first collection of 5 short stories set within a wonderfully crafted fantasy world filled with magic, monsters and the mayhem of everyday life. Beautifully illustrated by Vicky Wyman (Xanadu & Ever-Changing Palace) Winner of Ursa Major Award 2001 for Best Anthropomorphic Short Story: "Beneath the Crystal Sea", by Brock Hoagland (in Hoagland's collection of original stories "Tales of Perissa") Also nominated Ursa Major Award 2001 Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration: the front cover by Vicky Wyman.

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Tales of Perrsia Book 1

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