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SSHHHH! by Jason

SSHHHH! by Jason

Entirely told in pantomime, this suite of short tales veers from the funny to the terrifying to the surreal to the touching. Like Chris Ware, Jason's clean, deadpan style (featuring animal-headed characters with mask-like faces) hides a wealth of emotion and human complexity, leavened with a wicked wit. Jason's work has also drawn comparisons to Art Spiegelman for the similar ways both artists utilize anthropomorphic stylizations to reach deeper, more general truths, and to create elegantly minimalist panels whose emotional depth-charge comes as an even greater shock. His dark wit and supremely bold use of "jump-cuts" from one scene to the next are endlessly surprising and exhilarating. Jason's first book, Hey Wait´┐Ż has been a major critical and commercial success.

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SSHHHH! by Jason

ISBN: 1560974974

UPC/EAN: 9781560974970

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