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Saiko and Lavender Issue #4

Saiko and Lavender Issue #4

Go to Hell.

No, really, in this issue, the poor tormented Saiko and Lavender have to make their way to Hell itself to talk to Satan. Ah, the wonders of magic... Well, it's not really Satan, but you'll need to read the comic to learn out more. After a brief stint of misfortune Saiko and Lavender end up working for peanuts at the local carnival. Lavender fed up with the receiving end of flashing blades, Satan, and even more bears finally decides to stick it to the man and get her store back! But first things first, she must fix the car's infatuation infestation amidst a sea of panicked masses caused by impending alien invasion. Whew!

Drawn and written by Michael Vega, Diana Sprinkle, and Daria McGrain.

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Saiko and Lavender Issue #4

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