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Orville Issue #3

The saga of the mysterious map from Orville's first book continues in "Raiders of the Lost Trunk." A map leads thrill seeker Ralph, along with his friends on a quest to uncover the past of Hodges Pond as the map leads our heroes to an ancient trunk full of items from the past.

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Comments by Creator/Publisher of Orville Issue #3

Orville #3 "Raiders of the Lost Trunk"
Book 3 was fun to write it was sorta like an anthology. Richard and I wanted to do a series of short stories the items in the trunk sorta lended itself perfectly for that. Also what lead to the book was that we had a lot of people asking us what was on the back of the map in Orville #1 "Dreams of Flight" . Well this was our answer to that question I hope you like the story. Drop me a line if you have any questions or need more books. orville2@aol.com

The 3 books of the Orville series are:

Orville #1 Dreams of Flight
Orville #2 Laugh Clown, laugh
Orville #3 Raiders of the Lost Trunk

Also.. there's a comic strip book called The Hodges Pond Chronicles.
If you're wondering where orville went he's here at my new web site
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Orville Issue #3

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