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l33t Comics for Gamers #2

l33t Comics for Gamers #2

48 pages, full color covers, B&W interiors Some of the web's best gaming comics team-up under one cover in L33T: COMICS FOR GAMERS! This super-sized 48-page issue spotlights REAL LIFE, a semi-autobiographical webcomic about your average everyday gamer fanatic. Greg's living in a not-so-average reality where he's the comic strip equivalent of a video game character, and the joystick is a pen held by his alter ego, cartoonist Greg Dean!

This issue features "Ront and Mewn" (anthro) by R. Smith and Robbie Allen, "Newshounds" (anthro) by Thomas K. Dye, "Elf Life" (anthro) by Carson Fire and many more!

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l33t Comics for Gamers #2

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