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Animal Mystic Klor paperback

Animal Mystic Klor paperback

by Dark One

This is the action packed, mystical tale of a space faring centorg and his journey of self-discovery. Long before he helped Queen Jatarri to rid the planet Praktill of the dreaded Spigmodite Plague (in Dark One's highly acclaimed Animal Mystic series), Klor was a barbaric, arrogant killer. But that all changes when the enigmatic Father Kroy sets Klor on the path toward inner peace and awesome power!

Klor must not only battle his personal demons, but also Father Kroy's rogue pupil, Mirgin, a vile centorg bent on destroying the Muishaa Order and overrunning the galaxy with the shaggy hordes of darkness. Only Klor has the power to stop him, but can he realize this power before it's too late?

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Animal Mystic Klor paperback

ISBN: 9781579890360

UPC/EAN: 9781579890360

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