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The sun has already set a number of hours ago in the woods of Vaste Hilly Lowlands and the only sounds echoing in the trees are the high-pitched cries of night creatures. It's a quiet night in Kragmorta, a perfect night to sleep and recover your strength after the exhausting humidity of the day. But something troubles the dreams of Kira, the cat-woman. An overwhelming force drives her away from the embrace of Unwald, the dream-god, a force no living creature can fight against... Hunger! The young cat runs gracefully through the trees, looking for prey. She is blissfully unaware of the unpleasant surprise Fate has prepared for her and certainly has no idea that soon she herself will become prey to a huge demon from the Infraworld!

Riccardo Crosa has created a beautiful book, and have we mentioned that it has NO WORDS? The first comics line thought for the international market. The tower of Babel never crumbled down... No more words. No more language. Don't read... just watch. The visionary talent of the greatest artists in the world at their best. Just follow the path of the art and you'll remain... speachless!

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ISBN: 9788886435802

UPC/EAN: 9788886435802

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