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Jadeclaw Tortoise Ousted Noble

Jadeclaw Tortoise Ousted Noble

As it turns out, the tortoise used to be part of the aristocracy, but then were cast out or something like that. I don't quite get the whole story, but it sounds complicated. They are apparently very ancient and helped make the world(!), according to the myths, but i guess have fallen out of favor with the other houses who may have forgotten their past and respect. So this old mister is shown spattered with mud, down in a ditch, but still upright, still bearing some jewelry, a few stripes of decorative color and a tattered banner of rank. But I don't think he much cares about the political workings of things anymore, happy enough to tend to the little ones, and taking the long view on everything and all the little mammals that come and go under the sun.

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JADETORT 8 - Chris Goodwin - 8.5x11
In Stock

Our Price: $7.00

Jadeclaw Tortoise Ousted Noble

JADETORT 11 - Chris Goodwin - 11x17
In Stock

Our Price: $10.00

Jadeclaw Tortoise Ousted Noble

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