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Jadeclaw Snow Leopard

Jadeclaw Snow Leopard

It says 'barbarians' on my commission list, but I tend to think of these critters more along the lines of Ghengis Kahn. Sub-Siberian raiders, tooth and claw and feline and all that stuff. Civilized in their way just fine; only considered barbarians by outsiders. Which tends to be the case for pretty much any culture when perceived by another. This ones got a kitten in it! with a dagger! cute!

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JADESNOW 8 - Chris Goodwin - 8.5x11
In Stock

Our Price: $7.00

Jadeclaw Snow Leopard

JADESNOW 11 - Chris Goodwin - 11x17
In Stock

Our Price: $10.00

Jadeclaw Snow Leopard

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