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Jadeclaw Snake Noble

Jadeclaw Snake Noble

I was told that while the other critters are to be anthropomorphic, the snake is just supposed to be a snake. Which makes some sort of sense to me since it's really pretty hard to map "snake" onto "human" and have it still come across as snake and not lizard or some other generic reptile creature. Anyway. This was sort of fun; figuring out "costuming" and such. I figured a wealthy, powerful snake would highlight both by posing for its portrait with symbols of its status, money and jewelry and knots. The money is self-explanatory, the "rings" and knots are only slightly deeper since it means the snake is important enough to have these things done for him. He can't eat with the jewelry on, but he obviously can't put it on or take it off himself, either. And he can't tie knots in string or knot a ribbon around himself. I tend to think of the wealthy influential snakes surrounding and adorning themselves with various bodyrings and knots of silk string, etc. The snakes are exquisite manipulators by neccessity. Here's one curled around a fan and posing before some coins. Rather dashing, ne?

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Jadeclaw Snake Noble

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Jadeclaw Snake Noble

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