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Jadeclaw Rooster Noble

Jadeclaw Rooster Noble

This cocky cock is shown sprawled onto a Buddha figure, probably in some temple alcove. He might be drunk, or he might just not care, being obnoxious and possibly disruptive. Probably both. The statue itself may look vaguely familiar to those of you who've picked through any Archie McPhee catalog and've seen those cute anthropomorphic cat and dog headed Buddhas. I didn't want to really be that specific about it, so I tried to give the statue a ambiguous feline/caninish head. In the real Buddhist temples I've been too, the depictions I've seen, while of Buddha (a man), have cast him in this highly stylized, almost androgynous, manner. There are a zillion depictions of the guy, some wildly different then others, and I like the ambiguous one the best, very serene and alien and inscruitable.

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JADEROOST 8 - Chris Goodwin - 8.5x11
In Stock

Our Price: $7.00

Jadeclaw Rooster Noble

JADEROOST 11 - Chris Goodwin - 11x17
In Stock

Our Price: $10.00

Jadeclaw Rooster Noble

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