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Jadeclaw Rat Noble

Jadeclaw Rat Noble

The inspiration for this might be obvious; I was watching the boob tube the other night with Scruffy and, in a round about way, he made the observation of how easy the character of Bruce Wayne has it, and can afford to run around in tights doling out Batman's vigilante justice with millions of dollars in his coffers and the world at his fingertips, etc. and at the time, I was casting about for what to do for the picture of the rat noble and it really just seemed too perfect and fitting. Much analysis has been written about Batman as liturature, and particularly about the romaticism of the kind of intense and focused self-righteousness that can only really be realized when you have everything in life and the luxury to not neccesarily worry about the consequences of your actions. Similarly, I envisioned this rat fellow as typically well off like the other nobles, though perhaps not willing to be simply idly rich or empowered. It's likely very easy for this fellow to feel that due to his breeding and education, his superior physical and mental qualities from training and upbringing, make him more than suitable to actually know and actively do what's best for the common peasantry, saving the ignorant lower classes from themselves. On some level, his heart is in the right place and I can imagine him having some interactions that are positive, perhaps with the kirin and foxes, but his motivations are as ultimately rooted in arrogance and elitism as any snakes ;^) Here he is shown responding to some signal of trouble, preparing to brave a night's muddy rain and bear the White Man's Burden, so to speak. Attending him is a siamese feline, ready with a robe in case he catches a sniffle or something like that.

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Jadeclaw Rat Noble

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