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Jadeclaw Pig Noble

Jadeclaw Pig Noble

Caring little for the physical vanities, appearance or intrigues, the pig is unique among the nobles as being a member of the club in largely name only, certainly not in spirit. I see him as pretty down to earth, a moocher and occasionally selfish, but overall not bad company for the common folk. Most likely because to him, the "little people" really know how to live and have a good time. If push were to come to shove, I'm sure he'd assert his social position. But for the most part, he just uses it to forego paying up his tab at the local greasy spoon. This fellow's greatest crime, shame and very real sin is hunkering down and hording the dumpling and steamed bun cart at Dim Sum, something I would do in a heartbeat given the slightest edge in status and influence. He's had to pop open his jacket to give himself some breathing room, though he doesn't look ready to call it quits any time soon. And I don't blame him.

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JADEPIG 8 - Chris Goodwin - 8.5x11
In Stock

Our Price: $7.00

Jadeclaw Pig Noble

JADEPIG 11 - Chris Goodwin - 11x17
In Stock

Our Price: $10.00

Jadeclaw Pig Noble

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