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Jadeclaw Lynx Barbarian

Jadeclaw Lynx Barbarian

Very upright and square design to this image, hopefully makes her seem cool and aloof, masking some of the face and placing her up high on a precipice might also work to get that across. Again, I don't particularly like the idea of portraying the "barbarian" as, well, terribly barbaric. Since, to me, that is likely only the outsider's view. She seems more like Nature's sentinal, to me. I guess I was in a Princess Mononoke mood at the time. Alas, no tail to play with here. But lynxes have nifty fur patterning that was fun to render.

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JADELYNX 11 - Chris Goodwin - 8.5x11
In Stock

Our Price: $7.00

Jadeclaw Lynx Barbarian

JADELYNX 8 - Chris Goodwin - 11x17
In Stock

Our Price: $10.00

Jadeclaw Lynx Barbarian

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