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Jadeclaw Dragon Noble

Jadeclaw Dragon Noble

The big old dragons hang out on rooftops because they're too large to generally fit into most homes built for normal sized furs. And to my way of thinking, dispite their power and age and majesty, or perhaps because of it, they are the most petty and ignoble of the nobles. Highly intelligent, charismatic and devious, they take great delight in the intrigues, politicking, and backstabbing, not to mention the pomp, and regalia, etc. They are quite powerful and vain, and love to fly about from rooftop to rooftop of the nobles and commoners alike, eavesdropping and spying about like any other gossip, collecting secrets and information as power and play. Designwise, I was hoping to have them slightly resemble the kirins, since I believe they are distantly related in myth. I was rooting around for poses and settled on this one, with the dragon sort of half-perched, half-slumped, on the roof, lounging in the twilight.

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Jadeclaw Dragon Noble

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Jadeclaw Dragon Noble

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