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Scars: An Ironclaw Novel

Scars: An Ironclaw Novel

Danica knows bounty hunters don't have it easy. So when a simple job with promises of great rewards comes along, she has her misgivings. It's simply too good to be true. But the opportunity is impossible to refuse - even when she learns that her quarry is in her old home town of Triskellian, a city where old ghosts and buried memories call to her from the shadows.

Her past is not the only danger Danica must face. The once powerful city-state of Triskellian is splintered by political upheaval. The brutal slaughter of the ruling family of foxes forces everyone, friend and foe alike, into a frantic search for the sole survivor and heir, Fabrizio.

With the city in chaos, Danica's easy job suddenly turns deadly. Finding her prey isn't so simple, when every clue drags her further into the political tangle. As she slips ever deeper into Triskellian's troubled present, her own past refuses to stay buried, and Danica learns that honor, once lost, could well prove impossible to regain.

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Scars: An Ironclaw Novel

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Customer's Reviews for Scars: An Ironclaw Novel

Caught by surprise
Scars actually shocked me. My reaction to the cover blurb and the first several pages was along the lines of "Oh, more fantasy cliches. Dark, tough lady bounty hunter with a steel persona, a wounded soul and a troubled past." I ask the author's forgiveness for such thoughts.
This novel set every early assumption I made about the characters and settings on its side, yet skillfully avoided substituting in that other cliche, the reversal of stereotypes. It flowed naturally and made me care about the cast. The storyline is straightforward and in some places easy to predict; the surprises are in the characters themselves. Scars is far more a well-executed character sketch than the action-fantasy for which I first mistook it. I received my copy for free when I picked up the Ironclaw and Jadeclaw games, but I would have paid for it had I known its contents. NB: Scars gave me a solid "feel" for the game setting, about which I knew nothing at the time.
I was initially thrown off by the left-margin formatting, but certainly understand that this likely saved both time and page count. Typos are at least as rare as in the offerings of most major publishing houses.
The cover art is a strong, persuasive work as well, providing an uncommon look at all the major characters without revealing too much about them. I found myself often turning back to study each character as I read. The protagonist, Danica, is especially well spotlighted here; Her expression and attitude match perfectly the description in the opening sequence.
Scars is easily the best novel I've read in the past four to six months, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Ironclaw or in any quality anthropomorphic fiction.
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