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Phelan: Ironclaw Supplement

Phelan: Ironclaw Supplement

The Phelan
Being a Comprehensive Treatise on the Five Clans and the Wonders of their Demesne Both Mundane and Fantastic

"His feet and his shins and his knees came to the back; his heels and his calves and his hams came to the front…His mouth was twisted back fearsomely. He drew the cheek back from the jawbone until his inner gullet was seen… A strange heat radiated from his body, such that the snow upon the ground melted away in a circle seven paces around him."
—from The Song of Conas Mac Gadhar, describing the Atavism of Riastradth

The wolves known of the Phelan crossed the seas from their faraway shores to claim the rolling green hills of Calabria as their own. Although their way of life has not changed in more than a thousand years, they now face challenges from the other Noble Houses, with their new sciences of magic and technology. Armed with the nigh-forgotten powers of their primal ancestors, the Phelan stand as one defiant against all others … but can they hope to stand for long?

This supplement for the IRONCLAW Gaming System describes the five clans of the Phelan in detail, from their struggle against the monsters of the past, to their own internal struggles for power and control, to their position of strength today. Included are details on their customs, laws, and government; rules for playing a Phelan character or one of their allies, such as the mysterious Ravens; the strange magic of the Druid; new Atavist powers; and the unique abilities of the Ululant and the Fool.

Also presented is an adventure — a rescue mission where a brave group of outsiders must journey deep into Phelan domain, in a test not only of their fortitude in battle but also their wits to persevere in a savage and fantastic land.

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Phelan: Ironclaw Supplement

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