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In the Zone Issue #1

In the Zone Issue #1

Michael Scot "McMoo" McMurry is the creator of Zonie the Coyote, seen in Huzzah and other places... Early in 2000, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer that had spread to his esophagus.

Unfortunately, in April 2001, Michael died of complications due to his cancer with his family present. All of the funds for the sale of this book went to his family to help pay for the costs of his care.

When someone's in trouble, this community comes together and helps out. Sixty-four pages of art, stories, comics, and more from in the introduction by Stan Lee, the cover by Stan Sakai, and art by so many people that I would go nuts just trying to list them all...

None of the professionals within the book will be compensated for their efforts, and all proceeds from the book (sans printing costs) went to Mr. McMurry and his family.

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In the Zone Issue #1

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