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Havoc Inc #6

Havoc Inc #6

Lambie, Deck and Chester's adopted daughter, returns from school on a mission: "It's high time," she suggests, "that the firm actually make a profit!" Toward that end, she's already located (and all but wrapped up) a brand new, unsuspecting client. All the pair have to do is make nice and deliver one small parcel. Right. Unfortunately, the near-dread (hey, I don't write this stuff, seriously (Sean)) Korobormitsu Clan's efforts to steal a new cosmic Doomsday Weapon just happen to coincide with the visit and the mission. They'd prefer Havoc stay out of the picture, and kidnapping Lambie seems the simplest way to get the job done! Part 1 of a three issue story arc published quarterly.

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Havoc Inc #6

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