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Hamster Alley: The Early Strips

Hamster Alley: The Early Strips

Of all the animal comic strips to have ever graced the pages of our newspapers, why have there been none about a hamster? Talk about an animal that fits all the criteria for the perfect pet protagonist. Sure, you'll find other cute animals in "Hamster Alley," but the freshness and originality of Polly's strip comes from her choice of hamsters as lead characters. Really, is there anything cuter in the animal kingdom (not counting Polly herself) than a hamster? Any pet more gentle? There's a reason it's the first pet for many kids, and so what a stroke of inspiration to create hamsters with attitudes.

Black and white, 150 pages.

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Hamster Alley: The Early Strips

ISBN: 1929515200

UPC/EAN: 9781929515202

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