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Gremlin Trouble Issue #29

Gremlin Trouble Issue #29

The TJG remains in the hands of the Dark Forces, but at least Cypher and friends have managed to escape their clutches. Fairy Princess Tantium escaped with the Gremlins but is now at Forest Meadows Human Habitat along with Cypher and the Moist Towelettes. The leader of the Toweletts, Annette, who had a score to settle with the Worldgov President, confronted him in his apartment where a battle between Annette in her bunny battle suit and Mr. President ensued and was won by Annette using a force beam to push him out of the window. Cypher was informed in a vision that Hex would be killed by Frothbar, and from then on has been actively attempting to keep them apart, which hasn't been too hard so far as Frothbar was otherwise engaged in returning the TJG to the Dark Forces and kidnapping Tantium. Thanks to Cypher, this backfired, however, and Forthbar is presently undersiege by Tantium's troops in his castle.

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Gremlin Trouble Issue #29

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