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Gremlin Trouble Issue #25

Gremlin Trouble Issue #25

Recap: Del (aka Annette) and the A-girls of the Bureau of Scientific Anomalies, have managed to grab the Toxic Jingle Generator from under the noses of the Dark Forces. the TJG is capable of implanting irresistible advertising jingles and is therefore the most evil object in the universe. Scoffers may note in the last episode, Cypher inadvertently used the TJG to destroy an entire Galactic Empire. Strangely enough, the good guys have not yet taken the opportunity to liquidate the infernal device, which would immediately bring the dark forces to their knees. This may be explained by mentioning that the TJG is presently in control of "Annette" who has issues pertaining to her past experience as a manical dictator of the population center. As part of her plans, she has restarted the Krispy Krunchy Corporation, originators of the TJG, and is now producing the breakfast cereal which is composed of unreconstituted synthetic oat phelm and selling it to every human (and gremlin) accessible to her deadly advertising jingles.

Now apprised of the deadly power of the TJG, Cypher and Hex are doubly committed to destroying the hexagonal box, which at present remains attached to the arm of Dr. Candy Tsai, computer scientist, idol singer, and crack A-girl of the BSA.

Meanwhile, Fairy Prince Frothbar, who was only a political marage away from the rulership of all Fairyland, has somehow managed to shake off the curse of the Skystone, which , with Cypher and Pentangle's help, left him in the shape of a gelatinous blob. He once again attempts to woo the beauteous and powerful Princess tantium in order to satisfy his unbounded ambition.

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Gremlin Trouble Issue #25

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