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Gold Digger Issue #50

It's a landmark in independent comics as Gold Digger reaches its 50th issue. We're celebrating with two versions of this ground breaking issue - a regular edition and a special variant with a separate cover and a breathtaking bound in full color poster. Inside, Brianna finds herself jailed for destroying half the town during the war between her battling personalities. Knowing she's all better now, though, Seance and Sheila break her free, allowing her to return to the mission that brought her to Jade in the first place. She strikes out on her own and discovers a golem-maker in the Iron Caves who may be able to remake her friend, the golem Raphael. But unbeknownst to Brianna and the golem-maker, right next door is the power-mad Tirant, hatching his master plan to absorb the power from all of the mages whom he's kidnapped or stolen magic items from. When these two powerful magical ceremonies go off at the same time, the result is totally unexpected: accidentally summoning the dreaded Spellvis to Jade - 300 feet tall! (Yipes...) Now, if there's to be any hope of stopping this monstrous arch-mage, Brianna and Raph will have to find Tirant and the devices he stole, before it's too late...

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Gold Digger Issue #50

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