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Spooo Presents Issue #17: Zoorama Comics

Spooo Presents Issue #17: Zoorama Comics

Zoorama Comics presents the Story of the World

Look up the definition of “screwball comedy” in the dictionary, and I bet you’ll find a picture of the crazies behind Zoorama Comics. Okay, now I think there was a picture a few years back that sort of summed up the entire “Anubis Explosion” entitled “Anubis is Overdrawn.” But hey, Anubis Dark Desires hasn’t come out with a new issue in a few years now, and I think I’m going to agree with Jibba that Anubis really is the sexiest of the gods. Why not honor him with some blatant pornography?

Makes me wonder what the Egyptians would think if they knew what we did to their gods. Oh well, they’re dead, we’re not; time to spank to Anubis!

Zoorama Comics features content that appeals to a heterosexual audience.

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Spooo Presents Issue #17: Zoorama Comics

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Customer's Reviews for Spooo Presents Issue #17: Zoorama Comics

Like wine, it gets better the more you wait
It took a while to have another Zoorama comic to add to the growing collection, and after four numbers I can speak safely about it. Before Zoorama it took me a lot of time to say and explain everything that made the furry fandom such an awesome place, both filled with funny and cartoony ideas without missing the element of sexyness. Now thanks to Nexus and Extro I don't need to do any lists, I just have to take their latest comic and say, "It's all in here, read and enjoy". If you want a funny reading mixed with some of the best sexy scenes drawn in a comic then make yourself a favour and buy it. The only flaw you may find on it is that it comes to an end, but then we can hope for Zoorama part 4, knowing it will get only better.
Reviewed by user -

Ode to the Furry Fandom
If I have to list all the good, great and fantastic things about the furry fandom, it would take me 5 months and a lot of hardwork to finish saying them. Now thanks to Extro and Nexus' new comic of Zoorama I don't need to, I just point at it and say, "Pretty much that." The third comic of Zoorama (fourth if we take into account Zoorama zero) moves away from the cliches of the fandom, so, well you just have to read it to understand it. There's more sexy time scenes, more humour, more parodies, and basically everything is bigger this time, even the issue itself is long and nice with winks and homages to the hardcore fans of Zoorama like myself. It's pure furry fun, and if you want to have some good times I would just recommend you to buy it. I know, I am a fan of Zoorama and so my opinion is not objective, but I don't care. Zoorama is great and if you don't think so read it and it will change your mind and rock your world.
Reviewed by user -

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