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Spooo Presents Issue #13 - Zoorama Comics Episode 2

Spooo Presents Issue #13 - Zoorama Comics Episode 2

Art and story by Extro and Nexus Jubatus

In the thrilling conclusion, we finish up the Clone Menace parody. It's a Sci-Fi craziness mixed with sex, parody, and janitors. Brazilian artists Extro and Nexus Jubatus bring the first of this two parter filled with a rip on every science fiction movie or TV show to come out in the last 50 years. It's a sexy, silly, pun and comedy filled explosion into space!

It's a unique story with piles of characters and craziness!

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Spooo Presents Issue #13 - Zoorama Comics Episode 2

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Customer's Reviews for Spooo Presents Issue #13 - Zoorama Comics Episode 2

Fulfilling and Satisfying
One thing I have to say first: I am a big fan of Zoorama comics, so my review is not objective. But what the hell, reviews are never objective.

Extro and Nexus gave the fans what they wanted, what they needed, what they desired, and in my opinion since the end of the first issue, I coulnd-t stop fantasizing about what would happen in part 2. And the result exceeded my expectations, making what I imagined like 100 times better. Ins this comic you will have all a furry artist and comic reader would like to see, from the cracking comedic moments and comments to the jaw dropping sex scenes. I couldn't take my eyes away from the cover, thinking that it represents perfectly the future for Nexus anmd Extro. Is going to be a very long and pleasurable future, just as a lightsabre wrapped in a cherry flavoured condom. And I will be there, ready to purchase number 3, cheering and applauding for the great results.
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