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Spooo Presents Issue #10 - Coyote River Episode 3

Spooo Presents Issue #10 - Coyote River Episode 3

Art and Story by Chris McKinley

Time flies when you're havin' fun! The week at the ranch is drawing to a close, and that means Charles has to face going back home and leaving behind all the good times with Buck, who'll do just about anything to hold on to the rabbit who's popped into his life. Meanwhile, Buck's fellow ranch hand Shane has to try to hoist himself out of the hole he's dug himself into (will Jeanette forgive him?) and Zack and Bruno have some issues of their own to work out.

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Spooo Presents Issue #10 - Coyote River Episode 3

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Customer's Reviews for Spooo Presents Issue #10 - Coyote River Episode 3

I have read the previous two volumes in this series and liked both, but this is hands-down my favourite. A lot of issues are dealt with here, authentically and delicately. The emotions of the characters get to new levels, and we find out more about Buck, Charles, Zack, Bruno and even Duane. Basically, change is in the air and it draws out something in all of us. Might I add, the art is amazing. The issue ends in a way that begs for a continuation, I won't say any more. Chris, patiently waiting the continuation that I know you have in the works. :) Bravo!
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