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Camili-Cat 20th Anniversary Special

Camili-Cat 20th Anniversary Special

You may be surprised to learn that Camili-Cat has been around for 20 years! Your invited to the celebration of this rich characters’ adventurous history! It is a full colour comic featuring all your favorite guests that Camili-Cat would invite as well as some new friends! It’s not your typical birthday party!
This comic features two brand new cum soaked stories. In the first one Cam explores an alien planet where the inhabitants believe he is their long lost god. They have a very distinct way of appreciating Cam’s manhood!
In the second story an Elomite possesses Cam, and the only way to exorcise the being is to satiate it with sexual energy. To do this both Locus AND Felicia work Cam over!
It also includes several splash stories and some spectacular guest artist’s works that will blow you away. This issue also serves as prequel to Felinoids #1.

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Camili-Cat 20th Anniversary Special

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