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Rocketship Rodents Issue #1

Rocketship Rodents Issue #1

Captain Pulsar and His Rocketship Rodents are blasting off from Rabbit Valley® Comics! Join the rodents for their first story, "Sex Drive," where we discover the mysterious secrets of the Y.I.F.F.E.R. engine and its mysterious side effects on the all male cast. See Major Dick Action in action with his side kick, Li B. Do!

Also, we're offering a unique Rabbit Valley first, a guarantee that when piracy appears on the cover, you're sure to see it on the inside of the comic too!

Inspired by the space adventures of the 1950's and packed with piles of beautifully bad puns, WerePuppy and Trejaan have really come through with a story you're sure to enjoy. Gratuitous furry comedy and sex abound with artwork to die for. Folks, we don't put the Rabbit Valley logo on just anything around here. This is a damned good book in our not so humble opinions!

Rocketship Rodents Issue #1: Sex Drive
Story by Trejaan
Artwork by WerePuppy
Based on a story idea by Kurst
32 pages, black and white, color cover. For adult audiences only. Homosexual themes.

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Comments by Creator/Publisher of Rocketship Rodents Issue #1

Just so you know
The comic is rated as ADULT because of the expilicit gay sex. Despite how it might appear: Both of the characters on the cover are male! ;) (there's been a little confusion over that) ;)
Reviewed by creator -

RSR01 - Sex Drive
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Rocketship Rodents Issue #1

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Customer's Reviews for Rocketship Rodents Issue #1

From Ginger's LiveJournal
While I was at my table at AC, hallucinating vividly, a strange person whirred past my table and dropped a copy of "Captain Pulsar's Rocketship Rodents" onto it. I opened the comic, and was immediately faced with what I can only refer to as a "spread".

I flipped the page and found another "spread". And another. And another.

The strange person said, "That's plot!" and grinned. "It's got lots of ... plot!"

I have read the whole comic now, and it does, indeed, have lots of ... plot. Possibly more plot than should realistically fit in it. It is, in fact, bursting with ... plot. Big, throbbing, wet ... no, wait. Anyway.

The art (by Werepuppy) is, of course, to die for, although in black and white it took me a bit to determine species (gender is, obviously, all male) and who was who, not that any of that really matters to the ... plot. The writing is excellent (and full of my favourite ingredient, puns), although the book is almost entirely a vehicle for ... plot ... at this point.

I understand that [info]trejaan is responsible for much of the ... plot. This does not surprise me. ;)

I hurt now, because one of the dream sequences involves what appears to be an otter named "Professor Chronofur", who is wearing a suspiciously long scarf. I wouldn't be surprised to hear him offer someone a jelly baby, though I shudder to think of the innuendo that would entail. Ordinarily, using that character in a sexual context appalls me, mostly because the people playing him on TV were 50+ years old, wrinkly and British; but I have to bow to the dildo-shaped, studded robot in the back of the scene, waving a bizarre little dildoid limb and screaming "E-JAC-U-LATE!" I think I have hurt myself. :)

This sounds like the kind of comic Falstaff would draw in his spare time. I would go into more detail about the ... plot ... but the billies have stolen the comic and are making suspiciously squishy noises, and I need to go put tarps over the valuable objects again. :)
Reviewed by user -

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