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Circles Issue #4

Circles Issue #4

It's December 2001! The Holidays descend on Kinsey Circle, and our boys are dealing with important issues like love, sex, responsibility, jealousy, hatred, charity, and making sure has the most fabulous display of lights in the neighborhood! Has Ken lured Marty to his gym just to embarrass him? What special favor does Douglas ask of Arthur? And what role does Gus, the lesbian boxing wolf, play in the drama? Questions are answered and answers are questioned in Circles Issue 4: "In His Anger and His Shame."

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Circles Issue #4

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Customer's Reviews for Circles Issue #4

Circles #4 comment
Beautiful story and artwork. This is the one of the first comics I bought from R.V. and I cant wait to get my paws on the other chapters and other comic titles.
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