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Huzzah! Issue #38

Huzzah! Issue #38

HUZZAH! is an anthropomorphic "APA-Zine" which is produced Quarterly in Valencia, California, right next to Cal Arts, where the Disney animators get trained. It's a mix of illustrated stories and straight artwork, but no straight text stuff.

HUZZAH! comes out four times a year in a limited, one time production run that is never reprinted. The 45 members who contribute art to the book get them immediately upon completion and without cost.

The maximum number of members is set at 45, and the print run is currently set to be no more than 200. Even as the popularity of the book continues to increase, there are no plans for another increase in the size of the print run for a couple of reasons. For one, it's it's all assembled by hand. Each issue has a color cover and a protective acetate sheet on top of that that preclude assembling them in a machine, like Yarf or Gallery.

For another, the only reason it's sold at all is to cover it's own cost, and the current size of the print run does that. The nice round figures of 50 and 200 come into play because that's where I get the price breaks at the copy place that does the book.

Lastly, much of the material in it is destined for commercial comic book publication, and we've gotten about as big as we can get without becoming competition for the "real" publishers. So because of all that, you won't be able to get a copy of any issue prior to #23.

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Our Price: $12.50 (Compare At $15.00)

Huzzah! Issue #38

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