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RSS/XML Feeds from Rabbit Valley

Now you can put Rabbit Valley top ten selling items this week or Rabbit Valley directories in your RSS readers. Some of things that you can do with these feeds keep track of new products on sale at Rabbit Valley, watch your favorite artists and alert you of new items in your instant messenger, or incorparte products that you are selling in your own web site. And much much more - all limited by your imagination!

Rabbit Valley provides three unique feeds:

Format of information

Even though this is a RSS 2.0 field it should be able to be used by 0.91 aggregators. Following the 2.0 standard means we can provide these item tags.

Rabbit Valley also includes an informative tag in the channel field rabbitValley:TotalItemsInStore this tag will have the number of items in the store.

If your XML/RSS reader has any problems with the RSS format provided by Rabbit Valley please contact us.

For more information about RSS feeds and format of the feed please go to RSS 2.0 Specification.

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