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Terms of Sale

Items available on this site are offered for sale by Rabbit Valley.  Rabbit Valley retains the right to refuse sale to any person for any reason.  By placing an order with Rabbit Valley, you agree to these terms of sale.

Credit Card Terms

You may pay with any major credit card including Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover / Novus Card.  To use a credit card, you are required to provide us the billing address on your card.  This is used for security purposes to ensure that you are the card holder.

In the event that the charge is suspect, Rabbit Valley may contact you for more information on your credit card.  You agree that your name, address, and order information may be shared with your credit card issuing bank for security purposes.

Check and Money Order Terms

All checks must be in United States Dollars drawn on a United States bank.  Absolutely no foreign drafts or foreign bank checks of any form (unless paid by a US Bank) are accepted at Rabbit Valley.  Checks may be held for up to two weeks to clear.  This may produce a significant delay in your order.

By paying with a personal check at Rabbit Valley, you permit us to electronically withdraw funds from your account in the event of nonpayment of your check.  Rabbit Valley reserves the right to refuse checks from any person at any time for any reason.

Non-Payment on a Check or Insufficient Funds

If your check comes back to us for any reason (insufficient funds, invalid account, etc) because it has bounced, you will be charged a non-refundable $30 bad check charge.  You must pay the original amount of your invoice plus this charge via a credit card, a US Postal Service Money Order (nothing from 7Eleven store or anything like that) or a certified bank check.

If in the event your order has already shipped when we find your check has bounced, we will place an immediate hold on your account, and you will not be able to order items until your account is paid in full.

After 30 days of non-payment, you will be charged 1.99% interest per month on your account.  (Effective annual interest rate of 23.9%)

You are liable for all reasonable fees for collecting the amount if we chose to use an outside collection agency.

Passing a bad check is a felony in the State of Nevada.  In addition, it's a federal felony to use the US Postal Service for fraudulent purposes.

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If you have questions, need help, or would like to contact us,
please email Rabbit Valley Customer Service Email Address and Contact Information .