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Privacy Policy

We do not sell, rent, or distribute your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.  No information on your order history is used or given to any party other than employees of Rabbit Valley.

Rabbit Valley uses the United States Postal Service (https://www.usps.gov) and United Parcel Service (https://www.ups.com) for deliveries. Please see their respective websites for privacy policy and terms and conditions for their services.

From time to time, you may receive a postcard or mailing from Rabbit Valley in the name of another party.  These advertisements are created to keep your costs low here at the store and help support the furry community.  All ads are produced in house, and no address information is given to any third party that partners with us.

If in the event of the sale of Rabbit Valley to a third party, part of the assets of the sale will include the mailing list, including your personal information and sales record. In the event of a sale, the contract of sale will ensure that your personal information and sales information will not be sold or distributed for any purpose other than the operation of the bookstore. You will be notified 30 days before any sale via email address on file, and you will have the opportunity to remove your name and sales information from our records.

Cookies and Personal Info

This site uses cookies for security purposes.  Along with the Session ID tag on each of the pages you view, we issue a cookie to make sure nobody intercepts your pages or reuses your session.

This site uses cookies to identify you.  As part of the log in process, we will store a cookie with your user name.  When you come back to the site, you will only need to enter your password to gain access to members only areas.

Members only areas contain personally identifiable information attached to your account.  This includes your addresses, wish list, and order information.  This information is available and viewable by employees of Rabbit Valley and its contracted marketing and distribution partners.

Opting Out of Mailings

Rabbit Valley never sends unsolicited commercial e-mailings.  We may send you notices on occasion regarding the operation of the store, changes to the privacy policy, or other important elements unrelated to advertising.

Rabbit Valley does send unsolicited commercial postal mailings to you in the form of postcards, catalogs, or letters.

You may opt-out of any postal mailing (or even vitally important e-mail updates) by contacting us with your name, address, and email address.

Site Security

In the My Account section of the store as well as the checkout process, your session is protected by SSL security.  This will encrypt your information so that is cannot be easily intercepted.

GDPR Notice

The following information is in regards to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for customers residing in the European Union.

Heavy Amalgamated Rabbit Valley Industries LLC DBA Rabbit Valley is a Nevada Limited Liability Corporation and has no physical presence in the territory of the EU. As such, we are not subject to the laws of the EU, but as a courtesy to our EU customers, we can delete your personally identifiable information on request.

To request that your information be deleted, please send a certified letter with your name, address, email address, and website user name (if you know it). Include any former addresses you may have used in the past so we may find your account. In this letter, please request that your information be removed from our records.

Upon receipt of this letter, the chief bunny will press a large red button marked “Wat.” to trigger a Rube Goldberg style device to drop an anvil on the head of the coyote which will cause him to issue the correct MySQL command to remove your name from our records. The crafty marketing fox will then use a very carefully created machine with electronic claws to properly shred your request after complete. The shredded letter will be placed into an ancient peat bog to be harvested later as fire lighters. Please allow up to 30 business days after receipt of this letter for this process to be completed.

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If you have questions, need help, or would like to contact us,
please email Rabbit Valley Customer Service Email Address and Contact Information .