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These pages and all content in them are Copyright © 1999 - 2021 by Rabbit Valley. All Rights Reserved. Absolutely no duplication or redistribution of any content is permitted,  but we do encourage you to link to our site's main page at https://www.rabbitvalley.com/.

All images of products and sample artwork are copyright their respective owners. Used with permission. Absolutely no reproduction or redistribution in any media is permitted without the express written consent of the artist and Rabbit Valley.

Any use of any graphic, page, text, or a printed reproduction of such items for any purpose including broadcasting on television is strictly prohibited and is a violation of our copyrights.  All violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

"Another RABCO Disaster" and "Rabbit Valley" are Registered Trademarks and "Vast Catalog of Other Good Stuff!™", "THE Source for Furry™", and "Feed Your Inner Animal™" are trademarks of the trademark owner and are used with permission under license. All rights reserved.

Icons used on this site were created by Brian Tiemann, administrator of http://www.lionking.org/ and are used with permission.

The original HarviRABCO design was created by Chris McKinley, and our current HarviRABCO Logo was created by Tygger L. Graf.  The coloring was by Patrick and Vicky-Morgan Keith of Mprints Publishing, makers of Ernor.  HarviRABCO is a Trademark of Rabbit Valley.  All HarviRABCO images are Copyright © 2000 - 2021 Rabbit Valley.  All Rights Reserved.  

Kipp RABCO is a trademark of Rabbit Valley and was originally designed by Chris Goodwin.  All Kipp RABCO images are Copyright ©2000 - 2001 Rabbit Valley.  All Rights Reserved.

The Another RABCO Disaster logo at Rabbit Valley's web page and on the cover of Circles was created by Steve "iyu" Domanski and is Copyright © 2001 Rabbit Valley. Another RABCO Disaster® is a Registered Trademark of Rabbit Valley.  The Rabbit Valley logo was created by Chris Goodwin and is Copyright and Trademark of Rabbit Valley.

Basically, our lawyers can beat up your lawyer.  You really don't want to cross them.  They're mean, nasty, and sometimes even scare us.  God, we love those guys.

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