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Welcome FurAffinity Fans!

Rabbit Valley® Comics is the oldest Furry Only comic store around. We've been continuously operating since 1987! Check out some of our most popular titles below, or hit the Full Department List for access to over 9000 unique furry comics, books, prints, shirts, and more!

Fur Affinity T-shirts
You won't find these t-shirts anywhere other than Rabbit Valley® Comics! Sales of these items go entirely to supporting the service you love.
Spooo Presents
An anthology comic series (that means there's more than one story running in each issue!) by some of your favorite Fur Affinity artists: Mark Wulfgar, Nexus, Werepuppy, Kaput, Meesh, and many more! Start it off with the essential "Coyote River" by Associated Student Bodies artist Chris McKinley.
Rabbit Valley T-shirts
Completely awesome Circles, Coyote River, and other shirts
Our first published series, Circles is a "slice-of-life" comic following the stories of six gay guys who live in a house in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
You want art, we've got art! Shiuk draws lots of beautiful boys and has been featured in SoftPaw Magazine. Just one of the TONS of artwork you can buy direct at Rabbit Valley® Comics. And remember: your favorite artists profit when you buy a print! Help support an artist by buying a print today.

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Associated Student Bodies Yearbook Softcover Collection
Associated Student Bodies Yearbook Softcover Collection$35.00$39.95

HAVOC INC: Atomic Dragon vs The Monsters Parts One and Two by Mark Barnard and Terrie Smith
HAVOC INC: Atomic Dragon vs The Monsters Parts One and Two by Mark Barnard and Terrie Smith$12.50--


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