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Xerox and Epson Photo Quality Papers

Small Format: All prints, portfolios, and calendars created by Rabbit Valley ® Comics sized for 8.5x11 (letter) paper are printed on high quality Xerox® brand photographic quality 60lb 96 brightness paper. This special paper allows us to print beautiful photorealistic images on both sides of the paper for a perfect print every time.

Large Format: All prints larger than letter size are printed on ultra-high quality Epson® brand photographic paper designed not to fade or yellow under normal conditions for at least 80 years. When combined with special UV-resistant coated glass and professionally framed, your art should last well into the next century.


Supporting Artists

Artwork presented for sale is provided through the Rabbit Valley Artists Cooperative Association, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide low cost printing and distribution services for small artists, to guarantee them just compensation for their works, and to help educate the public about the anthropomorphic artwork genre. Your purchase today helps support small artists and our organization's goals. Thank you.

CD-ROM Art Collections
Collections of artists' work in digital format
Cesarin the White Dragon
Rabbit Valley ® Exclusive Artist
D. Bruin
Rabbit Valley ® Exclusive Artist
Rabbit Valley ® Exclusive Artist
McKinley, Chris (Associated Student Bodies)
Rabbit Valley ® Exclusive Artist
Nicholson, Robbye (Quel)
Rabbit Valley ® Exclusive Artist
A Blue Deer
Bernal, Jeremy (Sexyfur)
With Nanaki Firelight and AMS
Goodwin, Christopher (Paf, Abe)
Rabbit Valley Specialty Prints
Willard, J. (Ginger, Falstaff)

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