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Shipping Department Closed
January 14-18, 2019

Our shipping department will be closed Monday-Thursday.

Normal shipments will resume on Friday, January 18, 2019.

Happy New Year!

Rabbit Valley Comics is committed to providing the best in furry and anthropomorphic artwork, books, comics, fan magazines (fanzines), games and more. Please feel free to browse our store using the department links on the right. If you know what you are looking for try using the search feature by clicking on the Search button on the left under our logo. In the event that you would like us to carry an item, please drop us a message using our contact form we try to answer all emails within a twenty-four hour period.​

New and Popular Titles

Furry Trash edited by JFR Coates

Cats Can Fetch by Kevlar

Share and Share Alike Part 2 by Kadath

Share and Share Alike Part 3 by Kadath

Overtime! 2 Hardworkers by Bradford

Ask the Werewolves #01 by JDL

In Flux edited by Rechan

BREEDS: Wolves edited by Thurston Howl

Windfall an Otter-Body Experience and Other Stories by Tempe O'Kun

Beyond: The Priesthood of Draco by MisterStallion

Blueberry Cupcakes by Mancoin

FAPP RPG Expansion Book - FAPP: Yiff In Hell

Ty Game by Kyell Gold

Cosmic Dash Volume 1

Adventures in Smiling by JDL

The Adventures of Peter Gray by Nathan Hopp

FFC - Furry Fight Chronicles by Dai Kage

Nom by Karoline Baumwolf

Catfish 2019 Calendar - Inuki and Buxbi

Bound for Glory

Lost Stars by Llew and Scale

Artistic Visions: The Art of TaniDaReal

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #70 MLP: FIM #70

Tristan by Sylvain St-Pierre

Shadows in Snow: More Stories from New Tibet, Volume 2 - Digital Download

Breaking the Ice Stories: From New Tibet Volume 1 - Digital Download

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #71 MLP: FIM #71

Willy Bear Beach Episode 2 by ArtDecade

Calatians Book 1: The Tower and the Fox by Tim Susman - Digital Edition

Calatians Book 2: The Demon and the Fox by Tim Susman - Digital Edition

Willy Bear Beach Episode 1 by ArtDecade

Tales of the Firebirds by Kyell Gold - Digital Edition

Camouflage by Kyell Gold - Digital Edition

So Cute - The Art of Michele Light

CinderFrost Chapter 2 by Demicoeur

Heat Issue #15

CLAW Volume 1

Tales From The Guild, World Tour edited by Ocean Tigrox

Yearnings of the Pharaoh by Anupap Kasook - Import

Calatians Book 2: The Demon and the Fox by Tim Susman

ROAR Volume 9

Endless Summer: A Morenatsu Fanbook

Unprotected by Zorro Re

Snack Pack #1 by Ifus

Snack Pack #2 by Ifus

We also publish several furry titles including:

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